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 Gumz Hunt Club invites the outdoor enthusiast to visit the ultimate hunting experience. Nestled in Western Kentucky, only the highest quality facilities are offered. Gumz Hunt Club is dedicated to high standards and the ethical pursuit of game and the preservation of wildlife habitat.

For hundreds of years, hunters came from other states and other countries to test their hunting skills in the famous water bottoms of the Ohio River. The abundance of furred animals and waterfowl were legendary. This legendary wildlife is just as populated today as in years before. The center of this legendary hunting area is The Gumz Hunt Club. 

Hunting is superb. Over 550 acres of owned hunting ground coupled with the availability of 10000 acres of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Refuge – Sloughes VMA, make The Gumz hunt club not only one of the biggest but also the best hunting club in the Midwest.  Turkey, duck, geese, deer…its all there. And its only a short drive from major Midwest cities and towns.

Gumz hunt club strives to insure the outdoor sportsman has the opportunity to pursue, hunting, archery and shooting sports all connected with nature and other outdoor activities-all while spending time with others who share the same recreational lifestyle. We are committed to maintaining only the highest standards and ethics in promoting outdoor recreational sports. Gumz Hunt Club has the greatest respect and the highest regard for the land and the game it provides. Nature has given these gifts not only for us to use but to retain for the generations ahead of us.   

Dedicated to high standards and the ethical pursuit of game and the preservation of wildlife habitat. 

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